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Conceptually THUDD's goal was to create a game that showed the aspects of a child growing up and an Adult finding his inner child through the absents or appearance of color in the characters world simultaneously. The THUDD mod team created the first level of each character within an eleven week period.


THUDD is a 2d side scroller that was created by a MOD team outside of a supervised classroom.

The game was created in Unity.

Responsibilities on Mod Team:


  • Project Manager and Art Lead:

    • Worked directly with Programming Lead to create backlog of tasks for a team of fifteen to twenty students. 

    • Worked with Programming lead to help flush out game play and design.

    • Assigned tasks and deadlines for assets in Asana and Google Drive.

    • Assisted with work flow and art critics on received assets.

    • Reviewed and approved art assets before put into game.

    • Motivated and pushed artist to the best of their capabilities.

    • Made minor corrections in artwork dealing with lineart, color, and size.

    • Personally rendered out all artwork in proper format to give to Programmers.

    • Created small sprite sheets of various pre-made assets.

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