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Cynthia Fenton-Quijano

Environment Animation/Destruction/Breakable Artist


343 Industries, Washington— Dynamic Artist

Halo Infinite

Dec 2018 - PRESENT

Helped setup, debug, create, rig, implement and animate various assets for ingame use.

Helped create documentation for dynamic workflow.

Helped create, look over and edit excel tracking documentation.

Helped with assigning  tasks to other members of our team.

Sony Santa Monica Studio, California — Breakable/ Fx Artist God of War

Jan 2017 - Dec 2018

Created simulations and or physic based breaks on pre-made assets.

Placed FX on the breakables I created and various levels in game.

Created, adjusted and debugged character and camera collisions.

Fixed bugs assigned to me via JIRA dealing with breakables.

Ran the destruction team while the boss was on paternity leave.

Santa Monica Public Library, California —Page

Jan 2012 - Dec 2018

Help shelf and categorize incoming books as well as check-in books into the library's database. also help patrons as a computer technician for basic and expert computer needs.


The Art Institute of California, California —

Bachelor’s in  Game Art and Design

Jul 2012 - Sept 2015

The Art Institute of California, California —

Bachelor’s in  Game Art and Design

Jul 2009 - Sept 2012


  • Maya, 3DS Max, PullDownIt, Fracture,Physic Simulations, Rigging, Animations, Environment Animations, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Retopologizing, Low and High Poly Models, PerForce, ADO, Jira, Unreal Engine, Node Base Setup


Best Portfolio

Outstanding Student Award in Media Arts and Animation

Dean’s Honor Roll

Best of graduating Quarter


Ruben Morales - Lead Destruction Artist at Sony

Rory Young - Lead Dynamic Artist at 343 Studio

Tuan Nguyen - Narritive Animatior at 343 Studio

Christopher Daugherty - Technical Artist at 343 Studios