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MAD RACE is a post apocalyptic racer with four different cars based off Mad Max Fury Road. The player has the ability to race and damage other players with various consumables to get into first place. The object of the game is to be the first player to each the totem at the end race. 


This game is compatible with Oculus Rift.

Below is sample of what my team did in 11 weeks.

Responsibilities on Mod Team:


  • Project Manager:

    • Worked directly with Art lead to create backlog of tasks for a team of six members. 

    • Assigned tasks and deadlines for assets in project.

    • Assisted with work flow and art critics on received assets.

    • Reviewed assets for game optimization.

  • Modeled various assets for Mad Race:

    • Modeled, UV'ed and Textured Mad Max 's car " Interceptor ".

    • Modeled and UV'ed Trophy for First Place winner.

      • Textures created by Marlowe

    • Modeled, UV'ed and Textured Molotov consumable asset.

    • Modeled, UV'ed and Textured scrap metal found throughout the level.

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