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Responsibilities is Studio:

  • Environmental Dynamics/ Breakables

    • Destroyed pre-made mesh to match camera and character animations for various cinematic and in-game game play.

      • Shattered, Fractured, Hand-cut, UV'ed, Animated, Generated simulations​


  • VFX - Levels

    • Manipulated pre-made FX from basic settings to generate atmosphere in various areas in game.


  • Collision

    • Helped fix and adjust camera/player/environment collision within game​.

  • Substitute Destruction Lead

    • Helped run destruction team while team lead took leave of absence.

      • Communicated with producers, other team leads to keep deadlines and keep pipeline flowing.​

      • Helped make pivotal decisions in direction of breakables implementation/revamps/cutting.

      • Helped with bug fixes directly related to Destruction team. 

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